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stopped paying CC's


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Hi Group...thanks for your help!

What happens when you just stop paying credit card bills? I know we will be bombarded with collection efforts, can we stop them from trying to collect?

Lost our job, living on minimal social security. No extra money to pay $30,000. in cc debt. Used most of the money involved in the debts to remodel the home. Can't refinance to get the bills paid off because we have income which only covers the essentials.

I know 8 years ago you could just stop paying, survive their collection efforts, and eventually the debt went away. Is this still true?

I have called the creditirs to ask for reduced interest and payment amounts but they refuse to talk to me. I guess the bills are not yet delinquent enough. Should I write each a letter explaining our situation?

Even if they got a judgement if we have little income what happens then?

If the bills get in serious arrears will they negotiate with me for lesser amounts?

accounts are:



Sams Club Discover


Regions FIA

Household Bank

Our house is 900 sq feet and we owe $20,000. on it. Our vehicles are 1999 paid for and 2002 still owe 4500. have not let that lapse.

I need suggestions and ideas so thanks so very much. Yes, we are looking for a job. My husbands job unexpectedly ended in July, he is looking...lots of age discrimination. He is able and active and a great employee. At 62 can still wear his army uniform.

Looking for an out...or an answer...a solution!!!


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