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First a summons now NCO involved?!?!?

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I'm in California.

So 3 days ago I received a summons from Silverman Law Firm about a Capital One acct. Now today I received a "settlement offer" from NCO Financial for what I think is the same Capital One acct. The amounts are the same but NCO has an acct # listed where as Silverman has no identifying info.

The letter offers to settle for less than the full balance. It doesn't, however, mention, anything in the letter about me disputing the debt. Just for me to call them or go online and make a payment.

So do I send them a DV letter too????:confused:


Just called Capital One. They have no record of this account.

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So... have you ever had a Capital One account?

Yes I had 3 that I last paid on in late 2002 (Sept & Oct. 2002) due to unemployment. These were all charged off. I have another thread where Silverman law firm is suing me on behalf of Capital One but they don't have anything identifying it as 1) a Capital One acct 2) that is me. Basically their summons said in a nutshell, we're suing you because for 4 yrs you ignored the bill and here's the truth in lending statement to show that we can sue you. My defense to that is 1) they haven't proved it was my acct 2) if it is my acct the SOL has expired. It's 4 yrs in Calif and even in their summons it states for 4 yrs. Not for the past 3yrs but "for the past 4 yrs"

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