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Is Macy's Backed By Citi?

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Ok here is a weird situation I have come across. I know that Sears is backed by CitiBank ND and I have been turned down by them in the past (along with other cards by them) due to the BK that is still on CR due to fall off in 2 years.

However, I recently was approved for both Macy's ($800.00) and Bloomingdales ($1000.00). Just today however, I was looking at a citi site:


and I see that both Macy's and Bloomingdales is on there list of store cards. Surprised I look at the back of my Macy's card and it reads: Issued By Depatment Stores National Bank......or DSNB...not CITI.

Is Citi and DSNB one in the same? And why in the world can I gat a $1000.00 CL at Bloomingdales but no love from Sears?

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