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Restrictive endorsement letter


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Here is how to work an RE in California

Gotta love the blue states :-)


It appears that all you have to do is send them notice of the RE

check coming. at least 15 days notice, so they can dispute it... ...

now if they dispute your RE, that's a whole other thread ...

Send the notice Certified Return Receipt in case you have to take them to court.

Side note:

Even if your creditor is located outside California, they must abide by the laws of your state (as long as you purchased said service or product in California while you were a resident of course)

Read this part carefully in the statute .....


(2) Has been given, not less than 15 days nor more than 90 days

prior to receipt of the check or draft, notice, in writing, that a

check or draft will be tendered with a restrictive endorsement and

that acceptance and cashing of the check or draft will constitute an

accord and satisfaction.

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