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does equifax remove tradeline from credit report while disputing?


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I just initiated an online dispute for my last 3 baddies on my EQ credit report.

Shortly after initiating that dispute, I went online to the same link and clicked start dispute again.

All of the baddies are missing.

Does EQ temporarily pull that stuff off of the report while in dispute, or could this crap really be gone?


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I just had this experience also....I DV'd Asset Acceptance after disputing with EQ and AA is now gone off of EQ.

...so if it comes back without a notice, is that a 5 day violation?



There would be no reason for the CRA to remove it temporarily...if the TL is in dispute, it should be marked in comments as such. If it has been removed, it was probably done at the behest of the CA who did not respond.

When I first started credit repair...4 disputed TL's were off reports in the first week, even though the investigations were not completed for 30 days

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