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What's the worst case senerio

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Ok I've been doing this credit repair and rebuild thing for about a year. I'm currently trying to become a 1st time homeowner through NACA. The problem however is that I actually forgot that there is a current lawsuit against me from a CA. It's basically been dragging on for so long I forgot about it.

See the issue is my lease in my crappy little apartment is about to be over and I have a move out date of 3/31/07 . I basically didnt want to resign the lease and be stuck here another 6 -12 months. I have in my mind the items needed for NACA approval but wont know until my actual meeting later this week.

But there is this lawsuit handing over my head.

The work case is that I lose and have to pay them around 7K plus court costs.

The good news when they sued me they did so outside of the SOL. A few months after the debt went sol in GA ( but this as I understand may be in debate 4vs 6 yrs) their " lawyer" filled suit and I won money from them as I DV'ed them also.

The case against the primary CA however is still in motion.

I guess my question is really what assests could they legitimatly go after if I lose?

Currently I have money in an online savings account, a regular checking account and mostly in stock in an online brokarage account. As far as garnishments , I could probably survive that assuming they dont touch my other accounts

Also could they attach a lein to my property assuming it just doesnt just put a stop to me being able to aquire it in the first place?

Any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated

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