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The easiest non-secured credit account you can get?

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Just curious. I have one secured with Orchard, about to raise my limit with more secured money, and I have a signiture loan with my bank (but I am dissapointed -looks like they only report to Experian).

My scores are really still low, but I need more push for a mortgage application in Feb/March 2008.

I was thinking of a really small gas card, or store card, but I wanted almost a sure thing that they would give it to me so I don't get an inquiry for nothing.

Is this a pie in the sky, or do you know of such a place?

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Thank you!

I've saved that link, VERY interesting. As I have said elsewhere in this forum, I worried about getting screwed on the interest rate.

Good thing is, 90% of bad stuff should come off my reports this year, the other 10% depend on PFD negotiations.

Thus wanting to put the extra edge there for the positive credit.

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You say no credit pull, but do they report to the big 3?

(It's not a bad idea, my daughter's sweet 16 is coming up and I wanted to get her a birthstone ring.)

Lots of threads about Crown Jewelers on here. Should tell you all you need to know and more.

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Well, duh! Lol - I did do searches for non-secured credit but the results were overwhelming - needle in a haystack thing. HOWEVER, a search for Crown Jewelers DID give me all I need to know. I love you guys. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Yeah, it's a quirky card... works a bit weird. That's why I suggested a search.:)

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MS. SecretAgentWoman!

You have been approved for a Crown Jewelers account.

Your account information is listed below.

Account Number : XXXXXXXX

Password : XXXXXX

Credit Limit up to : $1,500.00

(At Original Down Payment)*

Please store this information in a secure place and read Charge Agreement before activating the account.

NO CREDIT CHECK accounts initially require a small down payment, however if you establish a good payment history with Crown Jewelers you can have a zero down account in as little as six months.

ZERO DOWN GUARANTEE: Getting a zero down account with Crown Jewelers is Easy and Simple.

1. Make all your Crown Jewelers monthly account payments on time.

2. Keep your contact information current and complete as required.

3. Establish a six month payment history with Crown Jewelers.

Its that simple & Guaranteed!

*CREDIT LIMIT: Your credit limit will be determined by the total amount of purchases on your account in the last 12 months or $500 which ever is more.

You can also accelerate your credit limit increases by making higher monthly payments.

You can request a temporary increase in credit limit with down payment, by email, to make purchases.

CREDIT REPORTING : Active Accounts are reported to all three Major Credit Bureaus once a month. Crown Jewelers DOES NOT report accounts that have not been activated with a purchase or are inactive for six months or more. It can take up to 90 days from the date of your first purchase before you see your account on your credit report. Since the credit limit is contingent upon down payment. We report the highest credit limit used or $500 which ever is higher.

CARD : If you have activated your account with a purchase, expect your card in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks from the date of your first purchase. Please note that we DO NOT mail cards to inactive accounts. You do not need the card to make purchases online.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : If for any reason you are not satisfied with our merchandise when you receive it, you may return the merchandise to us within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please contact Crown Jewelers immediately and request a return authorization. Upon receiving the merchandise back we will gladly issue a refund or credit your account for the returned merchandise less shipping and handling charges.

LOCATIONS : We have two locations in Dallas Fort Worth Area. Irving Mall & Six Flags Mall. To use the account at the stores you must take your permanent driver's license and social security card with you to activate the account. If you do not live in Dallas Fort Worth Area, you are welcome to shop online with us. We are not affiliated with any other Crown Jewelers.

ONLINE PURCHASES : To use the account online, You must login to make purchases on your account. When you check out you will pay only your down payment and shipping and handling charges, using your major credit card, Paypal Account or you may send your down payment by mail. The remaining balance will be billed to your Crown Jewelers account.

That was fast...

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