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Have they gone too far? Is there true Legal reaction here?


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here's the fun - I travel for a living - I go out of Country.... one creditor decides to send me off to United Recovery....these "amazing people" have

actually found my new mgr (only 2 days old) called her - did reveal who they were...and nailed her with many questions...(my company does not verify employment without my permission) further more these phone numbers are not know to the public....figure this out.

Found my Sister-in-law's father and called him (this one is amazing....)

called everyone that could ever possibly be related to me

now I ask you - for a real private person, nonlisted phone number, etc...how is the world did they find all these people???

but more so.....is there any legal recourse...I'm feeling there is because in order to find out some of this info they had to break some law somewhere.

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Disclosure of you owing debt is illegal under the FDCPA and in some states under their consumer laws. A debt collector can, however, contact 3rd parties if all they ask is about location information and how they can contact you.

You would be surprised at how easy it is to get this information. Get a copy of your Lexis Nexus report and I will bet that it is all there.

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ok what may be incredibly easy for most.... here is the scenario -

in order to know my manager's name... you would require access to our internal systems. ...first remember that only over this past weekend did they become my manager. I'd also say that you would either need to be a killer hacker or have a line in... with that said -

the company that turned me over does have a corporate relationship with our company. The ONLY way they could have found out is if either United Recovery used that link them selves...or the liason did it for them.

In the case of the liason - this is grounds for termination. I've looked at Lexis-nexis... um yea unless something has drastically changed in our freedoms and laws - last I can remember (I was a skip tracer about 25 years ago) there is NO way they could find out some of this information without breaking a few laws....

For me to get to someone's inlaw's inlaws....hmmmm I'd need their names where and when they were married... get the marriage license....then go skip trace her to find her dad...then skip him to get his info ...then call him.

now if that is super easy today...we have a SEVERE problem in this country.

Not that I'm toasting creditors or anything - but I was raised that your business is your business...I don't feel comfortable that everyone and their brother have any idea of my information without me telling them!

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