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Advice on paid credit card

Guest Mdshine

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Guest Mdshine


I've been chipping away at improving my credit and it's on a very slow incline. Now I'm looking for any improvements I can make. On that note, I have a question...I have a paid/0 balance MBNA/Bank of America card which was closed during a time when I was making late payments. So, the way it looks on my CR is: two 30-day late payments and one 60 and one 90 day late payment, followed by 14 months of ontime payments, leading up to last month when I paid it off.

If, hypothetically, I could have this deleted (I know it may be impossible but I'd like to try) would it help or hinder me? It's a long history of credit but it looks pretty ugly. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone have any hot advice on Arrow Financial? I would LOVE to get another old, paid account (reported by Arrow) deleted. In fact, the origninal credit card that they reported on no longer exists so I would think they would have a hard time verifying the debt???

Thanks for any suggestions!

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