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Hello, Im new at this, so bear with me please.

I currently have a judgement against me and Im guesiing The procedure is to tell you all a few details. It is a credit card debt that ended @ $400.oo from Cross Country Band but expanded to $1300 because of late fees generated by first the late fee ($25) which put me over my limit (another $25) which incresed my interest rate and got so out of hand I gave up. I did AT 1 TIME TRY TO SETTLE IT BUT CROSS COUNTRY TOLD ME IT HAD BEEN CHARGED OFF,which I understood as I no longer had the debt. Wrong, it was sold and I was willing to settle with the Cr. Br. for $300 as agreed, but it was sold again to some real cr. br. sharks who have won a Judgement against me for $1843!

Do I have any negotiating powers as there saying since they have won the Judgement I need to pay the full amount.

Can anyone hjelp me with some advice as I do want to settle the debt? please.


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You are aware you didn't post your own thread, right? I just thought I'd let you know, because that will limit the responses you'll get. If you ask Admin, perhaps she can move your post?

I would first research whether or not they truly have a judgment. Often times, CA's will LIE to get you to do what they want. If they had won a judgment, why wasn't it followed up with a request for garnishment? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it wasn't...but the details they're giving seem a bit fishy. Creditors who get judgments without the knowledge of the consumer just tick me off. We all have the right to defend ourselves. Were you informed of the court proceedings and just didn't go? No judgments, I understand how scary it is...but I was just wondering.

At any rate, contact the courthouse of record and go in to see if there's a file. You must have SOMETHING from this, a case number--a legal document, something that says where this case was heard, the claims, etc. You may be able to file your own legal doc requesting judgment be set aside and what not.

Either way, don't agree to a THING yet. Question: Is there a judgment reporting on your credit files??? It may be located in "public information" section.


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