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If This Don't Beat All-JDB & IL Atty General


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In January I got a letter from Merchants Credit Guide Co. saying I owed money to them and they listed an OC I've never heard of and never owned. I DV them, also stating that a complaint will be filed with the IL Atty General.

I get a letter from IL Atty General advising me that copies of the complaint is being sent to the scum above and that the next time the scum contacts me, I should make a reasonable settlement with them. I clearly indicated it was not mine and that I considered it fraudulent. Seems to me I've read somewhere that these people in Merchants Credit Guide also have political ties........ I am planning a follow-up letter to these less than helpful AG people!

30 days has passed, no answer to DV. About one week after I DV'd, I get a letter from Resurgent, listing the same account number with a slightly lesser figure ($3 less!). And they list the OC as NCO. I send off a DV to them, again stating that a complaint will be going to their state's Atty General.

Looks like the original JDB got rid of this like a hot potato and dumped it on another JDB. Can't wait to see what, if anything, they send me next!

Is NCO tied with Merchants Credit Guide?

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