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Speaking AMEX, is this deal good???

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Hi folks,

Here's a letter we received today for my dh. Please let me know what you think...

Feb. 8, 2007

RE: Acct# xxxxxxxx

Account balance; 695.49

Dear Elyse's dh,


As a previous American Express Cardmember, we value our relationship. As such, we would like to offer you the opportunity to regain cardmembership and potentially improve your standing with American Express. You have been selected for a special offer to receive an Optima Card Application from American Express if you pay your past-due American Express account balances in full. Your application for a new Optima Card will be approved unless you have filed for bankruptsy, do not make the payment required, or have an existing open American Express Credit or charge card relationship.


This offer is for a limited time, so you must act immediately. Yadda, yadda, yadda...and the letter does say "this is an attempt to collect a debt..."

Variable APR, 35.00 annual fee. Etc, etc...

This is a debt my dh owed from YEARS ago, during his divorce--so it's been since 1996 or so???

What do you all think????? I value your input. We're in the middle of trying to refinance the house, but we're also trying to pay up/resolve the debts on dh's credit record that are less than 3 yrs old...I'm not sure what paying this and opening up the card would mean with regard to that...but I'd love for us to be able to have a relationship with AMEX, it just seems too good to be true! They gave specific reasons why his app would be denied...but could they still deny it based on where his FICO is now???

TIA for your time.

Edited: Ok, I did a search and could see we've had SEVERAL folks get this offer and apparently it's legit and a good thing. I sure hope this works. We're still in the repair realm to things.


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Fellow forum members,

I have been trying to get into this Oasis which I heard about.

I have not received this offer and possibly because I moved and AMEX doesn't have my address.

I owe them $645 from back in 1999, which has now dropped from the bureaus but I want to reestablish with them.

When I called customer service either they have not found my information, found it and refered me to an outside CA, or told me that the Oasis is by invitation only.

Any input from you great gurus will be appreciated.


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