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Judge Said to Work it Out


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So I went to Civil Court the other day (in Queens, NY) to answer a summons from Cohen & Slamowitz for a Capital One account. When meeting with the judge I explained to him a previous situation where my checking account was frozen by C&S but that it was due to an error on their part (wrong person they were tried to sue). Now the judge has given C&S and myself till mid May to work out a deal...

I have DV'd them and they provided appropriate paperwork (previous statements etc.) and I have a bit of cash saved up to work something out. How would I go about settling/paying this debt with the best outcome on my part? Cap One has been on my CR since 2003 and I rather have this handled now and not go into court.

Many thanks!

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Usually the two of you can draw up something in writing and file it with the court. Something like:





The defendant agrees as follows:

1. To pay the sum of $1,000 in 5 equal installments of $200 beginning on X and ending on X;

2. If you fail to make payments they may enter a judgment for the sum of X dollars;

3. If you pay accordingly then they agree to notify the court to dismiss;

4. If the court is not informed by X date then the matter is to be marked as closed and they agree to dismiss;

5. The court may issue an order approving this stipulation;




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