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Is this a valid Debt verification?

Guest milesdavis

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Guest milesdavis

First off, let me say that this site has been extremely helpfull in my comprehension on how the whole CRA and CA industries operate. It took me a while to sift through all the "credit help" sites to find this one. In the last few months I have been able to bring my scores from low 5's to high 6's with the help of the techniques described on this site. Thanks.

So, After disputing 2 listings (both from Asset Aceptance ,different collection acounts) on all 3 bureaus' , the listings have remained on the reports. I've sent a DV letter (certified) to Asset Accept. and recieved a letter back. For one acount they supplied a page giving the following info:

--Asset Accpt. acct #

--Statement date - 2-6-07

--prior acct #

--OC - AT&T

--my name

--Pricniple - $260.25

--Interest/fees - $52.73

--Balance - $312.98

-- And personal info (my address and ss#)

That's it. No photo copies of any statements or agreements by me. So my question is: Does this info validate the debt? Under the FDCRA it states they have to supply an address of the oc.

Also for the second acct. that I sent a DV letter for, they sent me a "first notice" letter. no attempt to validate the debt. This second account was original from citibank/homedepot for $691.19. So today I disputed the 2 items agian on all 3 reports. And my plan is to send them another dv. If I don't get the verification, file suit. Is this a good strategy or should I just try to make a deal with them, since it is only $1000 total at most. I'm in sort of a hurry to get this cleaned up as I'm trying to buy a house soon. Thanks so much for this site and any advice one would give, Ro

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Since there are many things involved with a debt verification, you cannot say with 100% certainty yes. You can say no with 100% certainty sometimes though...

At any rate, maybe. Since we're dealing with a JDB, I doubt they actually confirmed these amounts with the OC in response to your dispute. They also didn't give the interest rate charged and over what period (or what the fees were for).

If they got your dispute, went back to AT&T, confirmed that those amounts were in fact due... then this would be closer to yes than no.

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