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In 2002, after a year of unemployment, I had to voluntarily return a vehicle back to the OC (DriveTime). The OC eventually turned the debt over to a CA. After recovering from unemployment I settled the debt with the CA in January 2006. The CA removed all negative information from CR. The OC continues to report the debt to all CRA’s every month. I disputed the debt via the CRA’s and as you know, they quickly validated the information with the OC. I sent a GWL as well as supporting documents (original agreement with their assigned CA and blacked out back statements as proof of payment) to the OC asking that they remove the TL from my reports, and what they sent back has surprised me. The letter reads

“We have researched our trade line on your credit report. We verified that the information is correct. Applicable laws and regulations require that we report to the credit agencies any historical negative information that appears on an account (such as delinquency or late payments), even if the account has been paid in full.”

My question:

Where do I go from here? Can I sue them for reporting inaccurate information since I have supplied accurate proof of payment? This is how the TL reads from Equifax as of 01/07.

Current Status: Repossession

Balance: 0

Amount past Due: 0

Months Reviewed: 12

Date of Last activity: 08/2002

Date Closed: 12/2002

Activity Description: Transfer/Sold/Paid

Comments: Account transferred or sold.


Account Name: DT CREDIT

Account Number:

Account Type: Auto Loan

Type of Business: Automobile Financing Company

Terms: 20 Months

Account Status: Closed

Monthly Payment: $0

Date Open: Nov, 2000

Balance: $0

Balance Date: Aug 31, 2005

High Balance: Not reported

Credit Limit/Orig. Amt.: $5,806

Past Due: $0

Remarks: Not reported

Payment Status: Account transferred to another office

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Well, for what its worth, there is no law that a creditor MUST report data to a CRA...it only says that IF they do report, it MUST BE ACCURATE.

But...it looks to me like they are reporting accurate info. The account is closed, with a $0 balance, and it says "transferred/sold".

If you've already tried the goodwill approach, and it didn't work, you're pretty much stuck, I'm afraid. You could try Recovering Attorney's approach...send a GWL to someone high up in the company with a check for their favorite charity...but...don't know if that would work.

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Wow! thanks for the quick responses. I thought that it should at least be reported as "PAID" rather than repossession etc. Especially since everthing relates to past tense, meaning that the 0 balance etc.. was reported years ago and not since the settlemnt with the CA.

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