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DV Question for newbie

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:confused: :confused: Um question for all you lovely folks out there,

If I recieved a letter from a CA and kind of misplaced it, and just found it. Can I still DV them despite the fact that I have passed the 30 day limit? I feel awful and I mean, i want to make sure that I owe them the debt legally and also I want to see the date of first deliquency on the debt. Help! I need to send out the DV letter right away depending on everyone's answer.

Thanks everyone. :confused:

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To the OP:

You can request validation at anytime. Whether they have to respond after 30 days is up to some debate (the old 'he said, she said' as to who got what when). Remember that the DV process, while giving the CA the opportunity to validate, is also setting up a paper trail that you can refer to later if you have to go to court. You are showing good faith. If you DV them and they do not respond, DV them again.

How you handle this kind of applies to the type of debt and the age. Read up on SOL (Statue of Limitations) to see if this applies in your situation.

Good Luck!

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