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Got an urgent issue!

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I'm in the process of buying a house. I had no collections, no charge-offs, no public records. Just a few slow pays from a couple years ago on 2 cards (I have 28 total accounts). My mid-score was 705. I (stupidly) wanted to raise my scores a little further and disputed online a single 30-day late on a First Premier card that I had 5 years ago that was open for 2 years and was currently showing "PAID OR PAYING AS AGREED" with a zero balance and closed at consumers request 4 years ago.

Well, the dispute came back that it was in fact PIF 4 years ago and closed at consumers request, however when verifying the 30-day late whoever at FirstPremier did it, mistakenly coded it as "CURRENTLY 30 DAYS LATE"!!!

This dropped my credit scores 60 points overnight on EQ and TU. It is clearly a mistake in how they sent it back. My CR still shows that is was PIF 4 years ago. Just the "current status" shows "30 days delinquent". This is a nightmare. I'm trying to put an offer on a house and get financing this week!

I called EQ and they put a "rush dispute" on it which meant that they would call the creditor (First Premier) directly and change it. They did and it was fixed on my EQ report within 24 hours.

However, TransUnion refuses to do a "rush dispute" and have initiated a "standard dispute" in which case they say it will take 30 days. I don't have 30 days. The house will be sold to someone else by then.

I called First Premier to ask them if they could call TU and have it updated immediately and while CSR tells me that they show that I in fact am not 30 days late, they do not have a mechanism to call TU. TU would have to call them to verify. TU won't do that.

I also wrote an email to the CEO and another VP of Card Services at First Premier attaching copies of my credit report, explaining the situation and threatening lawsuit if they don't get it fixed immediately. Those emails have been completely ignored.

How can I get this fixed in the next 48 hours? It only took 24 hours with EQ, but the TU looks like noone wants to help.

Does anyone have the phone number of someone in the legal (or other department) at TU or First Premier who might be able to expedite this matter? First Premier admits that it is a mistake and verified already with EQ that it should not be reported that way. But I just can't seem to get anyone moving fast enough on the TU issue.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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No, I haven't. I didn't apply. I didn't think I'd find anything this quickly, but it was too good of a deal to pass up.

I'll pay someone to call the legal dept of First Premier to hopefully get some action on this right away. I just don't know who to call and I really need this fixed this week.

It's odd. The payment history on the account after they made this goof shows no late payments. It's only the status section of the tradeline that shows it is currenly 30 days delinquent. It's the strangest thing you've ever seen. It's clearly a mistake and they've admitted it already to EQ. I just can't get them to pick up the phone and call TU. I need it done ASAP.


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