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Got to get Car Loan Fast Fico just jumped 108 pts

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Okay EQ just cleared all my baddies and I mean inquries and even an active TL with high utilization. My score went from 604 this morning to 712. Fico stated that car leanders will fight for my service yahdi,yahdi,yahdi.....I have financed my last 3 cars through HSBC and have never had a late payment and thy check EQ. Okay, I have to use EQ with this score because TU and EX scores are 660 and 630...(Ihate EX.) Any suggestions are appreciated. The reason I am getting a new car is because the one I have keeps breaking and I need a warranty...Thanks....:)

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Hey Tmac1 you better hurry you may have a split. when my files split, my score went to 755; Equifax merged my files and again hello baddies back down to old score.

good luck if you need that car you better make a run for the dealer before all that changes and also hope that if it is indeed a split they dont get the file with all the negatives when they check..




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