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Sent GWL to Coutrywide today.......


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Hopefully Countrywide will be receptive to this letter and honor my request. Tell me what you think of the letter........

21 February 2007

Regarding: Payment History

To whom it may concern:

During the past several years, our family has endured a substantial number of issues such as health, employment and of the course the resulting financial situation that has caused our payment history, credit rating and pride to be diminished.

In 2006, we made our mortgage commitment with Countrywide our top financial priority. To facilitate this decision, we set up a separate bank account and enrolled in a Countrywide sponsored pay-plan. The results have been outstanding. We have now been late-free for over 1 year and feel that our financial situation has stabilized.

Now that we demonstrated our sincerity to our commitment and our ability to consistently provide on-time payments I humbly ask the following:

Please review our account and consider any changes the can be made to our account history that may be helpful to us in our endeavor to repair our credit and put this period of our lives behind us. The following are listings and the Reporting Agency they are listed with:




As our credit reports indicate, our family fell upon some difficult times in recent years. Please help us get back on our feet and well on the road to regaining a good credit rating so that we may once again live a normal lifestyle and provide a brighter future for our children.

If you should have any questions or need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me at: (***) ***-**** during the day or (***) ***-*** in the evening.

On behalf of my family and I, thank you for any assistance you may provide.


Hopefully, someone at Countywide who gives a crap will read this........

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