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Equifax Blocked my access

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I have been using TrueCredit to monitor my credit and recently read on the forums that Equifax reports the DOFD so I signed on to my Equifax account (haven't used it in at least 6 months) and tried to purchase a credit report only to find that they are "unable to process my request, please call xxx". I did send them a dispute letter at the begining of this month based off information I got from TrueCredit. Equifax reponded to my dispute saying, "Our records don't match what you have provided us" please send an item from each column. The problem is that on my Equifax report they are reporting my name and my brothers together (Joe Blow Jr - me, Jim Terry Blow - brother, becomes Joe Terry Blow Jr) and my birthday becomes my brothers birthday. In my original dispute I sent them a copy of my drivers license which matches the address on their reports and I am not planning on sending any more information so they can stall me out an extra 15 days. Is it more likely that I'm being blocked from the website b/c of the name issues they are reporting vs what I have given them or is it b/c I'm currently in dispute with them period and the name thing doesn't matter. If I call the number provided to me to get my report, will the information I give them over the phone to verify me extend how long they have to investigate?

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