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Date Reported, what does it mean?


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There is an item on my Equifax CR for Household Bank that has a $0 balance and a credit limit of $1 which is odd in itself. But any way this is my question.

On the report it is listed like this:

Date Opened: 10/2001

Date Reported: 4/2005

Date of Last Payment: 1/2002

Date of Last Activity: 1/2002

So according to the above info this should drop off of my CR by 1/2009 right?

And what does "Dater Reported" mean. Why would anything have been reported on 4/2005 when I haven't done anything with this account since 1/2002. And its not like I have a balance its being reported as a $0 balance.

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I believe date reported is the last time they reported this account's status to the CRA.

My Equifax printout tells me when things are due to 'fall off' their reports. I got this report when I reported an inaccuracy.

Also, I read here something about it being 7.5 years, not 7. I hope someone can come and clear that up for us.

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