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Can NCO and Assetcare both be on my credit report

Not on mine. One or both accounts must be deleted.

In my situation, I had disputed with the CRAs about duplicates being reported for one alleged debt, and the CRAs deleted both accounts. I am guessing for inaccurate reporting. Who knows???

Note: Also, at the same time, I had requested DV from the 2nd CA. Previously, (approx. 1 year earlier) I had C&D the 1st CA who quickly sold it to the 2nd CA, but the 1st CA failed to remove its' listing. The alleged debt is very small and out of the SOLC, therefore I worried not about being sued. If I were to be sued, I had an Affirmative Defense and a violation or two or three in my back pocket$$$, which is much greater than the alleged debt. :)

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