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i know a have posted many times about this,but i have another concern or question.One of my creditors took me to arbitration,i only send them a RRR with all the explanation about my SS income and no assests,well, they have a judgement against me,anyway,now a law firm,filed a complain with the court tryng to get the money.after they filed the complain they have been calling the house 3 times a week.Finally,my daughter answered and asked them why they call if they filed a complain already.she was told that if a send a copy of my SS award they are going to stop legal action.if am in SS i have to have a proof,and my daughter told them,why he was never asked for that, before,even before arbitration ?Well i dont feel good sending copy of my SS award,i dont know why.then,the complain in court,still,what i do?no answer to court,i let it go because all i have is exempt,i send the SS award? but i think i have to answer the complain in court,or i just go to court and face the problem?Please help god bless you.

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