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Discover Direct Rewards CLI

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I applied and got a Discover Direct Rewards card (FICO EXP 712 two negatives) last year posted to credit report 11/06. When I applied they offered me a $3000 limit, but when i got the card it was actually $2,500 :-(

Fast forward 4 months. I just checked my account and my CL is now $4000, a $1500 CLI.

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I just applied for Discover (in WA state my research said they pull EX, my best, but they pulled TU)

They offered the Discover Direct Rewards through HSBC, 2% for 6 months, then 14% but couldn't tell me credit limit.

Is this the same as yours (through HSBC)...are you happy with them still?

I have 3 Amex's, but its still been tough getting anything else!

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Congratulations!! :D Yes, I am very happy with them. I have no complaints. It is different from the other HSBC card at least in terms of adding AU and it is not the same CSRs. I was told they report AU. And as I have said they were generous with their CLI.

Good thing for me I can make payments online for free and I can make as many as I want so I make a payment weekly so the balance is paid off each month.

Hey it is also a rewards card. Good luck.

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