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seeking legal advice (of sort)

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I got my credit report and it show a debt which I disputed.

Months ago i received a letter from a Collection Agency demanding payment in behalf of my ex-landlord. My ex-landlord demanded payment for cleaning and making ready of my former apartment.

I cleaned and followed all the guidelines per contractual agreement, but the lanlord decided that was not enough and keep my security deposit plus demanded more money, later on I received from the collection agency demanding payment. I disputed this debt within the 30 days demanding debt validation and never received an answer, but now the debt shows in my credit report. What should I do?

Thanks for all your coments and advice.

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This isn't a post to help you in your situation, sorry. :cry:

I just wanted other renters to be aware:

As an ex-renter (many different apartments/homes) it is of the utmost importance that you INSIST on a walk-through of the apartment with the owner before and most importantly when you vacate. Get everything in writing (including anything you, as a renter, need to pay in repairs, etc) and get a signature of both parties. This way it is difficult for the landlord and you in a "he said-she said" situation.

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