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"Advisor says getting judgment in state will be more for fed case?

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Has anyone done this credit validation etc though R Locke/ccdn? I signed up over a year ago with the express understanding (verbal of course) from the rep that got the money that I would have "IN STATE" legal counsel if anything actually went to court, and my fee actually included 1 in court case, others would be at discount.. that they were a "network of attorneys".. I Sent out the letters as instructed by support at "CCDN". SOmewhere along the way RLocke group claimed they had a BETTER federal program and to send all my information over to a group called CAF which would file on a federal level and prevent any state filing. ALL the copies etc took me a very long time, then after several months of following CAF's instructions, got email from R locke group that CAF wasn't living up to its representations and HAD TO do legal change over back to CCDN. this took time & cost $$ as I had to have a NOTORIZED signature to change over for each account.. NOW the CCDN is telling me that THEY are a federal only program, no representation at state level, never was, They send me "letters" with other folks information and I am supposed to cut/paste and send out..

Currently in arbitration with Discover card, and CCDN says I haven't given them enough information regarding Discover cards "actions - now in arbitration at state level- to file a federal case, but that the judgement on state level will be give them more for a federal "case"..

I don't see how getting a judgement against me will "HELP"..

Discover card called at least 5 times a day 7 times a week AFTER I sent out the do not call, Supposedly represented by an attorney firm Bishop, white & marshall, Bishop , mailed from PO box in Seattle, but papers claim they are in Georgia so want teleconference for arbitration.. They also called numerous times x day after a do not call.. "validation" of debt is only copys of my signup and copies of my monthly statements. - called my spouse on his work line, and called my spouses 85 yr old mother and left threatening message - I was served at home and when I refused to take the service the guy threw it at my feet.. none of this is enough for federal "case".. I think I got suckered- anybody out there know about RLlocke & CCDN, there are lots of websites that are Reps looking to sign folks up, (costs $5K+) supposedly put on credit cards you are going to discharge, but my cards/credit were already closed from late fees due to $35K in legal fees for legal action for personal assault.(was assualted by phycho who tried to break my neck & cannot work a standard desk job 8-10hr a day job, won lawsuit for assault, but since I wasn't working when assualted and couldn't get the ER doctor to show up at court etc=very low judgement and will never see a dime- person "knows how to spin the legal system and I don't have any more $$ to throw at it) but really need help.. will be calling a local attorney, but there is only one listed for portland oregon area.. anyone know of any others?.. I'm at wits end and without a lot of $$ from legal bills, medical bills and not being able to work

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Wow! I am so sorry to hear about all that.

My heart goes out to you.

Try contacting Legal Aid Society in your state. Every state has one.

They may provide free or low-cost legal assistance for persons with low or limited income, disabled persons, and senior citizens.

Gooogle: Oregon Legal Aid Society, free legal help Oregon

Try contacting Oregon Bar Association for low-cost attorney referrals

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I had a similar situation with CCDN. I did exactly everything they said. Did the changeover and kept hearing how they were going to file a state case. Hearings came and went. They never filed. I stupidly went to the point that I got a judgment against me. I had paid 5800 to Bob Lock and CCDN. They said they would file in State and Federal court. Then changed it to Federal only. Then they said they would file before any hearings and within 30 days of any state filings.

Anyways, I ended up getting one judgment then they told me that they couldn't help me on that case because of the feldman doctrine. So they would just would handle the other cases. I then went and hired a local attorney who tried to get the case reconsidered. Unfortuneately they wouldn't reconsider the judgement. We have been contacting them (CCDN) and Bob Lock to get them to file and they still haven't filed on many other cases.

My attorney is saying they committed malpractice because some of the FDCPA statue of limtations have passed and they never filed as promissed. My local atty is advising me to seek settlements w/ suits because of cost of litigation now. Thing is I had real low settlements with banks before all this and now have a huge judgemnt against me. I'm thinking the only way out is bk because of limited funds.

I'm down to a few weeks before about 3 other cases are going to a motiont to confirm and one to trial. The thing is CCDN acts as if they are going to file and never do. They send you documents of the proposed filing, etc. What a croc. Watch out with these guys. They provide you with lots of documents but never sue as promised. The atty Philip Monger promissed that they would file State and Federal cases within 30 days of filing in state. Bob Lock represents himself as the lead atty, and yet never does a thing.

CCDN is telling us that they don't have anyone in our state to sue with anymore. They waited until after we can't do anything anymore. Out of time.

They had almost a year to file the first case from when it was filed in state court. Watch out - these guys are not clean. Stay away from them.

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Whoa reading this made my skin crawl! ::thunderously::

I read CAF and hope it's not the same company I had. ::BigGun:: I know from my experience after trusting them for over 1.5 years - they are doing nothing you can't do on your own (and at least you have control over what's happening). I ended up in the same boat being upside down and now BK looks best for me. Bottom line when I took my info to an naca.net attorney he told me they were using "old school" law that wouldn't fly in local court and would be hard pressed in federal IF you could afford to get it there. Stay VERY FAR AWAY from these people. It costs too much!: :censored::

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