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results from experian confusion


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What does any of this mean?

I disputed 5 items on My experian report and here are the results:

Page 1

Dear troop_3

To assist you in understanding your correcion summary we provided additional informaion that relates directly to items on your personal crediti report.

Accelerated collection management

please contact credit grantor at xxx-xxx-xxx

Other items dispute are not currently displayin on your personal credit report.

Page 2


Page 3

Verizon wireless=remains

Cap one Bk =updated


Genesis Financial =Deleted

Accelerated collection=updated

What does all this mean and Should I MOV the updated accounts?

Thank you all for any help you might give

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experian sucks! they are the worst, and after 2 disputes, they will not dispute any further. TU and Efax you can dispute 100x's if you want. experian does it twice and if it comes back "verified" or "updated" they tell you "sorry, we've done our fair share of work, its up to you now to contact the creditor, if you get docs stating something otherwise please let us know" i really hate them. i got ALL, i repeat ALL negs off my other ones, experian is riddled wtih negs. f them

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