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Who to Contact?


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I just discovered this site and so so wished I had found it years ago when I settled a lot of my cards for less than owed...now I have a lot of "charge-off or settled, paid less than full balance" stuff on my CR.

I just ordered all my 3 free CR and am in the process of repairing my credit. I understand "charge-off/settled for less than full balance" is one of the hardest to remove from the CRA, and so I'm going to handle each case one by one.

In the meantime, I have two questions:

1) One of my CRA's show a CA with whom I did receive a collection letter from (it was a bill from the dentist) and I paid the dentist directly. However it shows on the CRA:

Date Opened: 04/2003

Reported since: 02.2003

Date of Status: 08/2004

Last Reported: 08/2004

Type: Collection

Terms: N/A

Monthly Payment: 0

Responsibility: Individual

Credit Limit/Original Amount: $2167

High Balance: N/A

Recent Balance: N/A

Recent Payment: N/A

In this case, who do I contact to have it removed from the CR? I have my proof of payment to the dentist, which was paid on 8/04.

2) There are 2 debts that I had no knowledge till now, and they are from the public library but has gone on to CA's. One is $161 and the other $63. I guess I incurred so much late fees...but I do need to take care of this.

Who do I contact? the library or the CA (not that I would want to pay the CA any money)? And if I contact the library, what is the alternative when they say it's gone to collections and they don't have any more record of you?

thanks so much,


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I would contact the denist office regarding the first debt. Contact their accounts payable office and ask to have it deleted from your credit report as it was paid. They had to have cashed the check if they still owned the debt. I was successful in having a paid collection removed which was still owned by the original creditor. I told them I was in the process of obtaining a mortgage and this was hindering me. I asked for a letter stating the debt had been paid and they would remove it. They complied! :) I waited about two weeks and sent a copy to the credit bureaus as additional proof. It was removed shortly afterwards. Regarding the second debt, I would also contact the library regarding the fees. If they still own the debt, you can pay them with the continguency of removing it from your credit report as well as contacting the collection agency. If they agree, I would again ask for written confirmation. :twothumbsup:

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