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Equifax FICO simulator??

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Has anyone used this and if you followed through with the stategy, did you get the expected score within the time range it gave?

For example, my credit score right now is 425, and by paying down $4300 in revolving credit over the next 6 months, it is predicting my score to be between 525 - 565.

I guess what I am asking is this: If nothing else changes on my credit report (no late payments, no collections placed, etc) and I pay down the $4K....will my score really reflect the above?

have you tried it? Did it work that way for you?


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I think that will give you a 'best guess' but it depends on what else is happening on your report. Providian has a free FICO simulator that is similar to the one EQ charges you for.


For me, the EQ simulator has always said the same thing: pay your bills on time and keep your revolving cc balances low. I guess that can be said for almost anyone lol.


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First off, you have to look at what the percentage of FICO is indebtedness. When I maxed out my CCs I lost 60 points. My theory would then be that your balances on CCs are worth 60 points and when you pay them off, you will have the same increase in score. My BF recently maxed out his CCs. He lost 52 FAKO points and only FICO knows how many FICO points. But you get the idea.

Funny thing about the "Providian" FICO calculator....the link brings up WAMU! ;) Anyway, this is nearly useless because it is only based on a 650 score and preset debt amounts.

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