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Taglines suddenly removed on TU report


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I had a few CCs in college which I did not pay. I know that the last payment which I made to them is in 1998 and I am assuming that is when SOL clock starts. I live in California.

Since then, I have not had a single CC chosing to pay cash for everything. In fact I have not applied for any credit under my name (utilities, phone, rental were all in my gf/wife's name) as I believed that I had bad credit. I recently got married and decided to build my credit history so that I can get a home loan down the road.

I applied for a secured credit card in July 2006 and at that time, I pulled my TU report for a look see. Guess what, all my old CC were still listed there and the Pay status was Paid or paying as agreed. There was no bad credit! My credit score was 842!

Recently I got a letter from NCO regarding outstanding amounts plus interest on these very CCs. They offered me a 60 percent discount if I paid up.

I immediately pulled my TU report to see if there were any suspicious activity on NCO's part and found that all the taglines for my old CCs have been removed. My TU score is 699. However when I tried pulling my TU report, customer support asked for details of these CCs as a form of verification so somehow the info is in their system but not printed out in the CR.

My questions:

1) Why would the taglines suddenly dissappear. When I pulled the CR in June of last year, most of the CCs there would have been there for more than 7 years so TU should have removed it much earlier but they were still there.

1a) How is it that I did not pay for my CC and yet I do not have bad credit reported on my CR. I mean if there were no taglines to begin with one could assume that the bad taglines dropped off. But I actually had good taglines last year.

2) There was and still is NO bad credit on my CR. Could it be that somehow they OC/CA managed to stop the SOL clock?

3)Could NCO have asked TU to remove the old CCs (good info) taglines in preparation to put up some bad taglines. My understanding from the forum is that it is 4 years for SOL (California) and 7 years for bad credit to be removed from CR with clock starting from DOLA.

I am about to DV NCO and then use SOL as a defence. I am 100 percent sure that last time I paid for these CCs are in 1998. My only fear is somehow they managed to stop SOL clock. Thanks for the info on this site.

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