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SOL and pymt...validation?

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So this is a two part question.

I requested valadiation from Island National Group in NY for a debt from Chase that they "purchased". I got what they call validation in the mail today, or what they might think as valadation. All they sent was a letter, saying when the payments were, when it was purchased and they enclosed some old statements, etc. I hardly think this is validation..... They even admitted in the letter that the amount was charged off. What should I do from here??

Also, they have they the last payment date of Feb 04, so the SOL would start in March of 04, which in my case they would expire in March of 07 according to WA laws... Which from what I have read means that Chase cant sue me, but I still have Island National saying I owe them money, which with what I wrote they have not validated...

Anyway, any thoughts....Any and all are appreciated!

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First, that may indeed be good enough for validation. If the statements show that it is you (your name, address, etc) and they show the same amount that is claimed by the CA, it may be good enough.

The SOL may indeed run out in March, and if it does you are safe. It does not mean they can't sue, it just means that you have an affirmative defense if they do.

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