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One heck of a credit ride

I hate EXP

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Ok here's the scoop. After working for a year to rebuild my credit I'm come to this point. I applied for preapproval for a mortgage and managed to get 6.875% 100% financed. But on the same day I was applying I got a call from a CA that has been sniffing around my CR. Her's the fun part. I have them on Digital recorder stating that they sued me and had a judgment against me last year. This was un true. They attempted to serve me outside of my jurisdition on a SOL debt. I sent a DV and never recieved a response so basically i'm waiting for them to sue and give me a reason to counter sue . So wish me luck people. If my offer goes through and I get the property I personallt want to than all of you and any old members of the AOC lurking around :mrgreen:

and for the record I have to change my name as experian was my 2nd highest FICO score.....

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