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Asset Acceptance - GO FIGURE!


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So, except for these idiots and another CA that changed their business name and the account # before doing a reinsert, I've been clean for 3+ years.

Anyway, I decided to leave AA alone because it's beyond SOL and close to dropping off depending on what report I check. Also, I haven't been applying for any credit since getting the mortgage, so there was no rush to do anything.

Today I pull Credit Expert and it looked "different". Hmmmmm, no more AA. Just like that. I check archived reports and it was there on Feb 10th and today it's just gone.

I'd rather be lucky than good and I'll take this unrequested deletion. And, if it shows back up, I'll use the old "reinsertion without notification" trick on them.

Now, if I can just get rid of the other CA (the one that changed biz name and account #, but not their address or phone #) I'll be clean except for 2 tax liens scheduled to drop in January 2008.

Credit repair NEVER seems to stop.


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