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what addy do i send dispute to equifax in texas

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hello just wondering where I send disputes via mail to equifax for Texas I have seen seveeral addresses but confused as t o which is right. Thanks for any help in advance.

If you're in Texas, you have to work with CSC Credit Services. They are the company that maintains your Equifax Credit File. It's a screwed up situation. You can contact them through

CSC Credit Services


P O Box 619054

Dallas, TX 75261-9054

(800) 759-5979


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I should have posted this a long time ago but everyone who is in the CSC Credit area of Equifax be careful when you dispute accounts with them. They will delete your positive tradelines if you dispute more than a couple of negative ones. I had several paid off auto loans that were all perfect and were deleted CSC advised me that the only way they would be placed back on is if I called the creditor. They are paid off Honda american and FOMOCre don't care. The deleted positive paid off Credit card accounts. ANything that was positive paid as agreed and closed was removed. Repeatedly going back and forth with them made them lock my credit file Meaning at this time I only have an experian file and a Transunion file. I am thinking of hiring a attorney as CSC told me that they dont have to provide my credit profile to anyone if they dont want to. They are a very awful company so everyone needs to be careful when dealing with them.

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