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NCO... gah. :P SOL and DV question.

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My fiance is being harassed by NCO lately over a debt owed. Many, many phone calls a day.

They are after him for a "Tuition Write Off" from his university, which he has never owed. He DOES owe for a parking ticket that he has been disputing. Does it matter that they have it labeled incorrectly?

Also, what kind of debt would a parking ticket (university campus parking) fall under, in regards to SOL? We live in SC, and the debt is over four years old.

The amount due is only $265, but they are of course threatening to sue, and even started the "we'll put it on your credit report by so and so time if you do not pay", when they've already put it on his report.

I think if he pays anything at all (even if he is disputing), it should be through his university, not some bottom feeder debt collection agency. He is pretty upset over this, and they're getting to him.

Any advice?


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1st off, if they are harrassing him and calling several times a day with threatening demands, GET IT ON TAPE!! You will have a nice suit against them and believe me NCO has been in trouble before.

Also, NEVER talk to a CA on the phone. Tell them to NOT CALL your home or work and to send ALL Correspondance by mail.

read the NCO success stories thead. I will help you tremendously and give you some direction. I hope this hepls!! :)

Best Regards,


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