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Newbie Having Probelms negotiating Bank Credit Card

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Hello. I am new to this forum. Have sent out letters of validation to some Collection Agencies, but now am having difficulty with one in particular. My Bank, First Merit, in Ohio.

I have a credit card with them. Have offered to settle or make arrangements over the phone, and they refused, saying they want entire balance. Today, received form letter from them again asking for balance in full in 10 days or they are taking legal action. Should I send the Credit Recovery Specialist a letter offering settlement again or wait to see what legal action they take. I have the pamphlet for How to settle debt from this site. Not sure how to deal with them. Any help would be appreciated.



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Debt is almost 1 year old and now at $3,040. with all the over-limit fees and finance charges, and late fees. Not with collection agent yet. Sent letter to offer settlement of 70%. Hoping they will accept or offer alternative. But not sure what to do next.

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