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Help with TransUnion

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Hello everyone. This is my first question here. I was wondering if anyone could provide some assistance in an ongoing issue I have with TransUnion. I'll try to summarize my issue concisely.

I was applying for an apartment in January and was declined. This was a surprise to me as I've only been declined one other time in the past and this was for a department store card.

I routinely view my credit report and had not seen any abnormalities recently. Still, I took a look at my TU credit report and noticed several (6) accounts that were not mine. They also listed me with an alias and an additional mailing address that was not mine. None of this information displayed on my Experian or Equifax credit reports.

I immediately called TU and disputed these accounts over the phone on January 19. I told them the accounts were not mine. I learned later that I should send everything in via fax or mail.

Anyway, I waited until they finished their investigation on Feb 13 and I received their results on February 20th. The results were disappointing. Only one of the 6 accounts was removed. 3 of the remaining 5 had a stats of "Verified, no change" and the other 2 stated there was "New Information".

I then called TU again and asked why these had not been removed. They said they contacted the creditors and verified the accounts were not mine. They informed me I could contact the creditors or dispute the accounts again. I decided to do both.

Within minutes of speaking to the creditors, I was able to prove these accounts were not mine. I soon discovered this person with a similar name had a SSN that was one digit off from mine. While I waited for TU to investigate the accounts again, I sent the creditors proof that the accounts were not mine. I have since received written confirmation from 2 creditors that the accounts are not mine.

I then received a letter from TU informing me that the second dispute on my accounts was considered frivolous. I called them back, patience wearing thin this time and spoke to a supervisor. He understood when I told him about the issue and said that if I send documentation of my SSN and a dispute letter along with any letters I had received from creditors that this matter would be resolved.

I sent this information earlier this week and was told it would take 5 days. My question at this point is, do I have any recourse with TU right now?

Furthermore, I am still attempting to get this apartment that I applied for. I have reviewed some of the FCRA and am trying to find out if I can sue for any damages. Specifically, I have to decide by the end of this week to renew my existing lease or decline. If I cannot get this new apartment approved, I will be forced to sign a lease I did not originally plan to renew at a significant lose of time and money. I have also spent an excessive amount of time on the phone. So much that I went past my monthly allocated minutes (for the only time ever) in the month of January. Additionally, do I have any right to request the new apartment management ignore my TU credit report because these inaccuracies are not the fault of myself nor the creditors, but of TU?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I would say yes.

It's ridiculous that you've provided TU with proof that the accounts are not yours and they will not re-investigate.

I hope you did explain what is going on with the potential apartment complex manager.

Send TU an ITS letter CMRRR for FCRA violations of Sec 623. Willfullnon-compliance, defamation and willful injury for refusing to correct information after being provided proof. And be ready to follow thru with the lawsuit

good luck!

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One other thing. When you finally get this taken care of, I would add to the damages your are seeking the fact that you lost a wonderful opportunity to move into a better place because of TU. The fact that you have paper trails to prove that you tried to reason with them and proof that the debts were not yours and not only did TU ignore the request for dispute, but accused you of FRIVILOUS activity adds to the insult.

They not only continued to report inaccurate information, but cost your a nicer/safer place to live (throw in that "safer" place to live line, especially if it is true)

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Anytime there is a correction on your credit report, you have the right to demand they send a corrected copy to any creditor who has requested your information. I believe it might be 60 days but it could be 90 days...either way, you can demand this! If if it an employer, the time frame is even longer! :evil:

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