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Unsatisfied Judgement

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My husband and I have a judgement for $1200 for a bunch of medical bills all lumped together. The individual bills are still itemized on his credit report.

Since it is a judgement, I know I need to pay it but I was wondering if anyone could help draft a letter to them to negotiate some deletes or maybe remove the judgement after payment?

Has anyone had luck with this?

They tried to garnish my wages a couple of years ago but luckily went for a closed bank account. They have pulled my credit several times this month and I'm afraid they might be trying to do it again. I want to work something out with them asap before they steal money from my account and put a whole bunch of paid collections on there.

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Judgments are public record. The judgment creditor, to my knowledge, has no control over whether or not the judgment appears on your credit report.

After the judgment has been paid, then you should at the very least be able to let the credit reporting agencies know that the collection on your CR are "paid collections".

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