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Got my first DV back, now I'm REALLY confused!!

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I got a response from this CA in NJ that I sent a DV a few weeks ago, and it makes no sense whatsoever to me. the first page is from the scumbag CA stating that they enclosed the "proper verification". the other page is a notarized "affidavit and assignment" from Unifund CCR Partners in Ohio.

its just 4 short paragraphs of legalese. here is what the meat of it says:

"There is due and payable from MIDDLE CLASS CHUMP acct#0u812 SSN#@#$

as of the 10/31/03, the amountof 5808.99. By the terms of the agreement between the defendant and original creditor, interest is accruing at the rate of 14.99% per annum.

"This account was originated with BANK ONE DELAWARE NA. UNIFUNDCCR PARTNERS purchased this account from first USA bank. Said agreement was hereby assigned, transferred and set over unto LTM EAST, LLC on 5/15/06 with full power and authority to do and perform all acts necessary for the collection,settlement, adjustment, compromise or satisfaction of said claim."

Now no where on any of my 3 CRs does it mention this account number, nor any of those other CAs. I have never heard of any of them. they did not give any proof that they were licensed to collect in NC. what doesn't make sense to me is for the last year its been this bottom feeder attorneys office in NJ

harassing us endlessly for the money. so when I DV them, all of a sudden its

Unifund, LTM EAST, and no mention of the CA in NJ. if if this all started in 03

like they claim, why is it not on any of my CRs? for some of you that have read my earlier posts, this is the same CA that took a bank draft without our permission. we have froze all withdrawals on that account. 8-)

I would just like some feedback on what my next step should be.

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Although there is some murky territory about what actually constitutes validation, it's clear that the info sent to you is not validation. Giving you the account's travel itinerary is not validation. They probably can't validate. It's looking like they are begging you to sue them.

And what were the circumstances of that raid on your bank account? Do they have a judgement?

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I too am battling unifund -- the only thing I can say is make sure the chain of assignment goes back to the oc to unifund then to whatever ca may have it now. Check your state law and see what is acceptable for assignment. Here i've read it must contain the name and account number as well as be notarized.

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