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I apologize in advance for my ignorance on this whole subject. I am very new at this.

We are military and recently moved to Germany. Now my husband is a resident of Alabama, but I am a resident of Kansas. However, I am confused about my current residency because when I filed state tax with Kansas for 2006 taxes I had to file as a non-resident since I didn't live there the full 12 months of 2006. I have lived in Kansas since 1992 until now. So does this mean I am no longer a Kansas resident since I'm no longer there? I am currently not working so I am not paying into the state tax.

I have no idea at this point what state SOL rules I need to go by. Also, I checked out the state links and I do not understand them. There was contradicting info in one of them, as 2 different people listed 2 different things for Kansas. I feel so dumb.

I have 3 Cap One COs that Northland Group has been trying to collect. And they keep sending me mail to my current address but in my previous married name (which is the name I had when I had those cards). I have only pulled CR from EX, so I have no idea what the DOLA is. Where on earth should I start? I know I have alot of questions but there are specific things about my situation that I haven't seen covered in here.

I just ordered The Book yesterday so it will take some time getting it, but I wanted to start "the process" while waiting. Another thing is that I am not planning to make any large purchases anytime soon. I am wanting to clean up my credit for when we buy a house in about 6-7 years. So I have some time to play with in case I should let things fall off.

Sorry, for being long winded. I bet y'all are sick of us Newbies with 1000 questions. I apologize <bowing down>.....lol.


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:)++ Hi

There are military members on this forum, so hopefully- one of them will jump in.

My guess is Cap One is going to use Kansas SOL.

Typically, The state statute can be either where the debtor lives or where the contract was entered into. The creditor does have the right to choose the state with the longer statute but the creditors or collectors location is moot -Section 811 of the FDCPA. I know you've moved, but not to another state, but rather another country. I don't think there is a section under the FDCPA that covers that- I don't really know.

As far as DOLA- I would suggest you go ahead and obtain the other 2 CRs. Compare all 3 once you get them. I have seen some here even suggest calling the OC for the date. I can personally testify to -Cap One keeps excellant records, but you have to be VERY careful when calling the OC. Don't enter into any agreement!!!!! You don't want to re-set the SOL. NEVER NEVER speak to the CA.

Depending on what you want to do, for most the DV process is next.

I say this because- I don't know how old your debts are, and you are out of the country. I would hate for you to receive a default judgement, that could have been prevented if indeed your debts are past the SOL.

And, if you're confused as to what the SOL actually is- hopefully a Kansas resident will chime in, but you can always call your AGs office to know for sure.

Oh, BTW- the Book is excellant and so are the stickies on this forum!

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Before joining the military, I was a resident of Florida. I seem to remember that for purposes outside the military, you are still considered a resident of your "home" state while on active duty. For example, I always had just a Florida drivers license.

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