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Thank You!!!


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:)++ Newbie here!!! Hello everyone!!

This is my first post but I have basically been a credit repair fly on the wall landing on invaluable information and reading and re-reading all this great information. So, now I am taking the time to introduce myself and to say thanks for all my success since joining CIC.

When I started on the lonely credit repair journey :-(:cry: I had a FICO score of around 559 on my Equifax report (not yet sure of the others). Last October, I disputed a baddie and got a delete. Since then I have had a two additional baddies removed; the most recent was removed yesterday. I DV one collection agency; they removed the TL. I sent a “nutcase” letter to the other and they also removed. I also dispute some inquires with Equifax online. Poof, poof, poof all gone—There most certainly is a GOD.8] 8] xangelx

Now for my greatest news!!! I know that everyone says American express has a looooooooong memory but I think that they maybe getting Alzheimer's. I had an old Amex account that went delinquent in 1988. I applied yesterday and I was approved for the American express one. ::linedancers:: I also applied for the Costco AmEx. :)% I am waiting for decision. Skyfox, I am coming to join you guys and share the Amex love.:IThankYou:

Don’t worry; I have been super diligent about paying my TL’s on time for over the past 3 years and will continue to do so. I am sooooooooo grateful for a second chance to learn to use my credit wisely and appreciate the disciple that it takes to rebuild and maintain good credit.

My last FICO alert I was at 651 on my Equifax and I will learn my new score soon. I did not get an alert for the new delete as yet.

In these few short months I have become a total CW and I just want to thank you all for the information you have here. I am on my way to the 700 club and for those who are discouraged. Keep at it. Good luck.

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Guest Gary Craig

The highest score I ever saw was 830 - the guy was pope (as in no life). It was a clean credit report. However, had problem qualifying him because he had no current credit history.

FYI - by paying everything off is not good, but after six months to a year, you can get a N/A listing on your report. Then it is like starting all over developing your credit.

Congrats on being part of the 700 club.

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