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After requesting DV, debt is no longer on credit report

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I sent a letter requesting the debt validation. Then I checked my credit report, and the debt is no longer listed. Does this mean they were unable to verify it, and it was removed?

Can the collection company put this on my report again? Or, if once something is removed, is it removed permanently?



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If its a CA you're talking about, then technically they're supposed to go back to the OC for validation. Depending on who's involved, how long the debt has been delinquent, etc, it could be that this CA's time was up...and they just sent it back to the OC for someone else to deal with.

Its likely that you'll hear about this again (and, yes, once they've sent you validation, the same CA could put it back on your reports)

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what willingtocope said...

but, if they don't send you a validation, or a legit one, and some new yahzoo starts reporting it, go through the same procedure again, send them a DV letter..

In the meantime, if they don't provide you with a legit validation and have placed it with another agency who is reporting it, you could have grounds to sue.

I have heard of CA's removing it simply because they ran out of their 30 day time limit to respond, only to later get (what they consider) a validation and then place it back on your report.

Even in that case, you can dispute the validation if it is not a legit one.

(Ex: because the OC said so! ....(instead of a legit one such as a contract, etc)

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