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Blatant disregard of timely DV...please check my timeline on this...

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CC sent to CA...I don't recall receiving an original correspondence from CA with the mini miranda, but it's possible that it's in my papers somewhere...in fact, I don't have any info from the current CA (apparently was transferred from another CA)....

CA Attorney sent letter dated January 5, postmarked January 5....I received it on or about January 8.....this one has a mini miranda....

Sent CA Attorney a DV letter via CMRR dated February 1, postmarked February 2, received green card back indicating delivery date of February 5.

TODAY - received collection letter from CA Attorney! No DV evidence at all...

They received my DV timely....25 days from the receipt of their letter....in fact, shortly after I got my green card back, they stopped calling....they had been calling up to 3-4x a day up until that time...

So, what's next? Just let them keep trying to collect without DV'ing, so they get enough rope so I can hang them later? Do I even respond to this letter?

I'm actually shocked that I seem to have a direct violation on a CA...usually I screw it up with the paperwork, but now I have a complete file of all correspondence and postal receipts....

Thanks in advance!

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I would think that would be considered continued collection activity. The timeline isn't close enough to be considered as "crossed in the mail."

I would sent out a second DV (CMRRR of course) to build a documentation trail. Although, I'm not sure if you should reference the second collection letter or not.


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I have sent an intent to sue letter to NCO on a similar case where with in 3 weeks of the DV, they sent a collection notice. (not on my report). They then sent a sorry letter and said they would throw away my file. I then sent a 3rd letter and said thank you however this does not cover statutory compensation for damages under the fdcpa. I have not heard back yet, so i will be taking them to court soon. Either they broke the law or they didnt. Not oops the other department didnt notify us they recieved a DV. lol

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