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Release of Judgement

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I took a new job across town and moved to be closer to it. I broke the lease on my apartment. I paid up all months and took care of everything. It cost me $1900. I checked my credit report 6 months later to find I had a judgement against me for $690 the month after I moved out. I broke my lease the correct way and owed no one any money. I called and spoke to the asst mgr and she told me they had made a mistake. She submitted a release of judgement. I disputed it on my credit report and Experian deleted it. TU changed it to a paid judgement, and Equifax never responded. I have sent them 2 disputes and they never take any action. I have my cert mail return reciepts. My question is does this release of judgement give me the documentation to remove that judgement completely off my CR, or change it to paid (which I didnt pay them anything)? Thanks in advance.

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