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Trouble at myfico.com????

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Has anyone had trouble getting an EXP FICO score at myfico.com.?

I tried several times the last two weeks of February, and kept getting some type of error report. Even after contacting them with several e-mails I was still unable to get it.

Am I being locked out???????

I know I can go directly to EXP's site and pay for it, but I already paid for 3 reports and scores through myfico.com.


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I don't know if they are having problems now, but i bought a score February 17. My score decrease so of course I thought something was wrong :-( .

Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think you can get a FICO score at Experian. Of the three CRA, only Equifax sells a Fico score. You must use Myfico to get a FICO score for the other two.

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