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Anyone Use Freecredit.com?

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I signed me and my husband up for the Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring right before Christmas '06. FCR notified us that, 'Unfortunately, based on the information you provided, TransUnion cannot process your request to monitor your TransUnion credit report(s). The good news is, your other national credit reports are being monitored....'

I emailed them asking them why we cannot get all 3 since we are paying for all 3. They said they would investigate and get back to me but of course they never did.

Does anyone have any idea why we would not be able to get TU reports? And should I get use another credit monitoring provider? Is anyone currently using FCR?

Irritated Tammy

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If they are monitoring the three cards, it should inform the latter why it only allows the 2 advantages and not three. It is very important for the card holder to know its privileges and limitation,.

Ask for the updates of your card for monitoring.

Inquire first before having a decision of hiring a new monitoring provider.

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