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Help with Experian and TU. Reporting Wrong info.

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I've used the online dispute process with some positive results. However I've disputed some acct's listed as CO's/Collection Acct's. They keep coming back verified. It shows a high balance but zero being owed on the acct's.

They should be reading included in Ch 7 BK.

I also have a duplicate CO account....It's listed as Chase on one line then as BOA on the other line. They have the same account number and are in fact the same account. I've disputed it as a duplicate account but of course it comes back verified....It's also wrong as it does not read Included in BK. Now that I've disputed it online they won't let me do it again.

What kind of letter do I need to write to them to try and get the correct info listed? Should it be sent certified with return reciept?

Also what happens if they verify it again and don't list the correct info?

Thanks very much!

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