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can creditor report to CRA 3 years after bk disharge ?


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Can a creditor report to CRA on a debt that was included in bankruptcy that discharge 3 years ago and the last payment was made on the account at least 6 years ago? Looking at my report today i came across this....

TransUnion Experian Equifax

Past Due:

High Balance: $262 $547



Payment: $0

Opened: 10/20/1995 10/1995 10/1995

Reported: 01/31/2007 09/30/2003 08/2006

Responsibility: Individual Individual Individual

any help would be greatly appreciated

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I don't think that it can be reported in that way. It makes it look like you still owe it. It has to be reported as $0 balance and Included in Bankruptcy.

I hope someone will chime in on this too, I am no expert...but you might send a letter to the creditor saying that this was included in BK and by reporting as still owing and not included in BK that they are trying to continue to collect and that is illegal.

Not sure what the laws are about that exactly and what the fines may be for that.

Any one with more help?? :roll: I seem to be kind of useless sorry!

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I'm in the same situation. My bk is from 2005 and 2 just started reporting. LNR mentioned a statute but I have not found it yet. I agree that it should show as IIB if it was previously reporting. It seems to me that reporting it for the first time after the discharge robs us of our fresh start.:mad:

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Once you get your discharge from BK, first off CONGRATS! Secondly, send the CRA's (all 3 of them) a letter with a copy of your discharge and your list of creditors. The letter should read as follows:

I filed BK on (date fo filing). My case number is ______. I received my discharge on (date of discharge).

Please find enclosed a copy of my discharge and my list of creditors. Please make sure that all of my creditors are listed as DISCHARGED in Bankruptcy.


Your name

Keep a copy of this letter and send it CMRRR. The CRAs will send you a copy of your credit report. 99% of the time there will be errors, as you have all ready noticed on the ones that you received.

Send them a dispute letter with each line item written out that is should state that it was discharged in BK or no balance or I9 reporting status.

They will reverify again, then you need to talk to an attorney in your area who does FCRA and BK. There are BK violations and FCRA violations for them verifying on a discharged debt. You can find an attorney at www.naca.net

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