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Please help-CRA is being deceptive!

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I'm hoping some experienced CRA fighters can help me with this possible illegal action by the CRA (EX).

On 2/26/07 I just disupted online with Exp about a Unfiund Collection account (from a Providian Visa card):

The dispute stated the account balance was incorrect, and they have re- aged the account.

On 3/1/07: Exp came back saying it was deleted off of my CR. They sent an updated CR of negative items on my account. Providian was showing on there with no changes. Now Providian's TL has been on there as a Charge off for 7 years. They have not updated since 2003.

On 3/3/07 I pulled a new report from Exp. and they updated my Providian account to say: Reported on 2/07 (huh!?) stating the new balance was $5800 (which was unifunds balance) and they added new information:

Collection as of 2/2007.

I somehow suspect that this was not Providian, but Exp. taking the liberty of deleting Unifund and saying "ok...i see what he's trying to do"..I'll update the original account.

What type of violations can I get them on at this point. If I disputed the balance from Unifund and they deleted, how can Exp. turn around and tack that same balance on to my original Providian account?

Please help!

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Don't really see anything wrong based on the information you provided. Sometimes when you DV, you in fact wake a sleeping giant. Unifund typically purchases junk accts (Providian being one in particular). However that may not be the case in your situation. If Unifund was acting as a CA for Providian and they could not validate after being DV'd, they could have simply turned the account back over to Providian who updated on 2/2007

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