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As we call it in Aggieland, Good Bull

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Military dependent...trying to rebuild credit history after loaning 'money' in the way of credit cards to a blood relative...New lesson: if you can't afford to not have them pay you back, don't do it.

So far: 3 DL's on TU, disputing the snot out of everything that is paid on the other two. I have two CO's I'm attempting to settle with now, and just sent the OC of a telephone line that I totally forgot about (and the bill was going to my old addy with nothing forwarded) and they should be taking that off. If not, I'll dispute right after payment processes and get it taken care of.

Anyhow, applied for an AAFES star card (It used to be called the PX on base, now it's the Military Exchange or whatever). Got through to an online rep. and got approved for $600. They report to all three bureaus (I asked.) Let's hope that helps me out a little! I've got two other small cards that I personally kept up with with small limits and are perfect (GAP and Express), and a closed 1st Financial Bank and Cap. 1 card that I kept up with, but paid and closed (I know my fault) when I found out about the fam. member's doings. Have a pre-approved cap. 1 card coming in the mail as well with a low limit, and a Chevron card (rebuilder) on it's way as well. I'm hoping keeping these at perfect histories will help me out a ton.

I think once I pay the settlements and my utilization numbers dwindle down a little more, I'll be a lot better off.

Just wanted to share!

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